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Einstein Chakras
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It was July 1994 when Einstein Chakras was born. Their first rehearsal was in Pritel, Tondo studio for 60 bucks with just a fan and no air-conditioner. The bands name then was Die Einstein (German for The Einstein). Einstein Chakras is a punk band, wherein the synthesis of matter and ideas deals in our organic experiences, in short its a long story. It their choice to be where they are but pertaining with their influences: Those are Wuds, Asin, Toydolls, DK, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, The Smiths and other protest and conscious artist.

Knop-Knop Reyes is the voice and the writer of their songs. Nodie Reyes is the bassist and Sid Gabrillo came in when the group decided to get a really good drummer. The group then rehearsed on Sid's garage in Makati. Sub members of Einstein Chakras are Jack, Andy, Ken, Brandy and Prans. Their first airplay and interview was by Mona Nieva of Pinoy Rock and Rhythm at DZRJ AM.

Einstein Chakras stands in the platform of an invisible movement. Their EP album release Les Arbre tackles socio-cultural issues like neo-imperialism and slaves wage. the Chakras' anthemic Hangga't Maaari (Ayokong Pumatay) (in English: Don't Teach us to Kill) speaks about political economic condition, which was included in the Rock Against the Round, Musicians against WTO released.

The album "1st Plenum in the Kingdom of Necessity" is still out and you can get a copy from Magnet Cafe, any Magnet Stores, Popular Bookstore, Counterflow Record, Monkeyman, Middle Finger, Ompong's store in Recto and from us.

The band was also featured in Huling Balita Album: Songs for the Disappeared was launched at the News desk Café in Quezon City last April 27, 2008. The 6th song of the 10-track album is by Einstein Chakras entitled "Ayan na" and other artist on the album are Jess Santiago, Noel Cabangon, Radioactive Sago Project, Cooky Chua, Village Idiots, and Bobby Balingit. (Courtesy of Free Jonas Burgos Movement).

The band plays at Sazi's bar (formerly Mayric's bar) and other bars in Manila that has attitude. They also play in historical mobilizations for working-class interest. UR 105.9 FM also plays their songs and the band was interviewed by Billy B. in June 2009.

Einstein Chakras is composed of:

Knop-knop Reyes - Vocals
Nodlie Reyes - Bass
Sid Gabrillo - Drums

Sub members:
Prans - guitar
Brandy - guitar
Benjie- guitar
Andy - guitar
Ken- bass
For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09279048789

Eisntein Charkas Releases:
Einstein Chakras - First Plenum (2006)
Rock Against The Round - Hangga't Maari (2008)
Huling Balita: Songs for the Disappeared - Ayan Na! (2008)

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Song Title
Full Track
Abolish Private Property ----
Am I Not Your Son ----
Fred ----
Hanggang Saan, Hanggang Kailan ----
Hangga't Maari (Ayokong Pumatay) ----
In The Railway ----
Joe's Pet ----
Life Goes On ----
Necessary Error ----
Produced By ----
Sa Isang Detalye ----
Somehow ----

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You can request "Ayan Na!" on UR 105 Manila
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