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Alternative Rock

Monte Lazaro posts his home records under the name Grindcurb. In December 2005, Grindcurb started as a three-piece band, which was meant to separate after recording a couple of songs. The home recording project came about from the idea of merely wanting a way of self expression in a sort of artistic manner. Music, thoughts, and raw art was shared. Monte Lazaro plays the guitar and bass, does the beat programming, plays very little keys, and recorded voices for the Grindcurb music project. He did The Minimal Pulmonary Half-Baked Demo in March to December 2007 and sold 3 copies to friends. In January up to September 2008, he recorded 13 new tracks entitled Private Listening, which is a lot better than the first set of home records. These home records were distributed to friends with some cash and/or donations in exchange. Eager online listeners and friends from different online social networking communities like MySpace and Imeem who have been moved by Grindcurb music sometime have been able to get mp3s through e-mail requests.

Grindcurb music is an experimental alternative rock.

Grindcurb/Monte Lazaro also plays bass for a band called Five Feet Adjustment, which is struggling financially to record their materials.

Grindcurb is composed of:

Monte Lazaro - All Intruments

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09052599905

Grindcurb Releases:
Grindcurb - The Minimal Pulmonary Half-Baked Demo (2007)
Grindcurb - Private Listening (2008)
Grindcurb - Unfold The Bearing (2009)

Text GRINDCURB and send to 3456
Song Title
Full Track
Apex of Wild Animals FGB6MGB6--
Break My Chair FGB7MGB7--
Day Dream FGB1MGB1--
Exhausted FGB2MGB2--
Grand Weekend FGB3MGB3--
Kapwa (Kabataan Tayo Naman) FGB4MGB4--
Make Out Song FGB5MGB5--
Morning After FGB8MGB8--
Only Good Until Tommorrow FGB9MGB9--
Relocation FGBAMGBA--
Signs And Symbols FGBBMGBB--
Sincere Boner FGBCMGBC--
Wonderful Choice FGBDMGBD--

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