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Experimental Rock
Camarines Norte

HiDRA is an experimental - progressive rock band formed back in 2007 by ted Par and jajo Tenorio of Punchcube. Then unveil their notion to red Partricio of Trese Onse. It started on a simple idea then augmented like a mind blasting creativity like losing our mind with style.

Somehow in July 2007 Red named the band Hidra. Hidra originates at Naga, Camarines Norte, with the existence of Red Patricio - Trese Onse (vocal), Ted Garner Par - Punchcube / Bouncing toyz / Tourniquet / Salinlahi (guitar / Backing vocal), Jajo Tenorio - Punchcube / Tourniquet, Rap Buņag - Punchcube / Bouncing Toyz / Tourniquet (drums) and Hansel Pareja - Salinlahi (guitar/growl). All members are from Daet, Camarines Norte.

Hidra derives from Hydra. In Greek mythology Hydra is a water or marsh serpent with nine heads, each of which, if cut off, grew back instantly in its place.

At first, the band attends several gigs in Camarines Norte before deciding to perform some major gigs in Naga City including the Wharf Galley opening last August 2007. After trying to be qualified as Bicol's competitor for the Muziklaban 2007 Southern- Luzon Finals which fell on to the hands of the Ska band Hapitones, Hidra got its chance to represent our region during Muziklaban 2008 Southern - Luzon Finals held at Lucena City but suddenly the slot goes to Triangulo and Rigmarol. After the distressing lost, Hidra still continued their journey along with their music. Between Heaven and Earth, Arm for record, Keeping the fire alive, Words and counter culture, SAGA continue?, Somewhere for believers and liars, and Andromeda. At this moment, they are working on with indie label Filthy Framework Records for their first EP that had been released last June 4, 2009.

Hidra had also experienced playing along on gigs with Letter day story, Uries Attact, Not so Fast, Ultimate Ube, Zelle, Pedicab, Callalilly, Paraluman, Imago, 6cyclemind, Sandwich, Datus tribe, Cambio, Mayonaise, Silent sanctuary, Pupil, Soapdish, Archipelago, Markus Hi-way, Itchiworms, Nycti nasty, Chicosci, Urbandub, Intolerant, Greyhoundz, Join the Club, Queso, The Wuds, Bloodshed, Gayuma, and local acts of bicol Kamia, Pentacle, Centerfold, Symph, Alibata, Salmamir , Black Gulaman, December Sky, Manyeka, Marietta, Demonstraitors, and Crank shaft.

Hidra is composed of:

Red Patricio - Vocals
Ted Par - Guitars
Hansel Pareja - Guitars
Jajo Tenorio - Bass
Rap Bunag - Drums

For Inquiries and booking
please call - 09275657018

Hidra Releases:
Hidra - Envy, Ignore, Disinfect (2009)

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Song Title
Full Track
Arm For Record ----
Between Earth and Heaven ----
Keeping The Fire Alive ----
Somewhere for Believers ----
Words and Counter Culture ----

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You may request Hidra songs on Beat FM Ateneo De Naga by calling.
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