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Scarlet Tears
Gothic Rock

SCARLET TEARS was conceptualized around November of 2003. A rag tag bunch of able musicians started to flesh out the band's music in early 2004 up to the band's first performance on October 30, 2004. The band's music elaborates the dark side of love and lust, and the melancholic state of being bitter and scorned by the world of shallow love and destructive lies. With the release of "Beneath A Crescent Moon," the people behind Scarlet Tears will continue to sow the seeds of sorrow and pain and bleed for their music - music that has already soothed each member's soul, music that has yet to touch another willing soul. And so the band trudges on.

"The songs and the production of Beneath a Crescent Moon is flawless, rich and textured. Unafraid of solos and drop-in riffs, the band's sonic landscape is full to the brim. If this was a painting it'd do injury to the eye with all the things to take in...Scarlet Tears' music comes at you in waves. It lifts you up skyward where your head almost touches the clouds then it brings you crashing down, dashed against the rocks. It's dangerous and fanged, undoubtedly gorgeous so much so that, being drawn to it becomes the first step to your demise." - Karl de Mesa, "A Haunting Beauty" (A review on Scarlet Tears' EP, "Beneath A Crescent Moon," featured at The Manila Bulletin on 06 March 2006)

"Unlike some of their local peers, who play mostly tormented melancholy ballads, Scarlet Tears play original Gothic rock anthems that make you want to jump and dance around, shaking your hair to the uptempo beats, driving guitar riffs and wailing banshee singing style. The songs are carried by the strong guitar playing of Marvin Abordo who lays down powerful riffs to form the backbone of the songs' melodies. Sam Vigilia highlights these riffs with the keyboards, giving the song its Gothic melancholy mood and temperament. The bass player Aldwin Santos matches the propulsive beats of drummer Roel Sotto with undulating fat notes to flesh out the anthems. Complementing the great musicianship of her crew, lead vocalist Katrina Pallon carries all songs, wailing like a love-torn banshee out for lusty vengeance, making the music of the band stand out like serrated stakes in a pit-trap; ready to impale and permanently stick to your memory." - Michael Kanoy, "Anthems for the Worshipers of the Morbid" (

Scarlet Tears is composed of:

Katrina Pallon - Vocals
Bennet Gubat - Guitars
Sam Vigilia - Keyboards
Ayn Tolentino-Azarcon - Bass
Jeff Azarcon - Drums

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Scarlet Tears Releases:
Scarlet Tears - Beneath A Crescent Moon (2009)

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